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All Bike Hiker apparel is now ordered from our vendor, Voler, through their on-line store. This allows each member to choose those features they prefer in a jersey or other apparel.

The store is opened for several weeks at a time throughout the year. Notification of store openings will be sent via the club e-group and posted in the News & Update section on the website home page.

There are multiple options to choose from - product, fabric, cut, waist finish, chamois, etc. Please take the time to read the list of options at each step. Since each piece is custom ordered, there is a NO RETURN policy.

A word about pricing on the Voler website. The current prices shown are based on estimates of the total number of tops (100), bottoms (25) and accessories (15) we anticipate selling during this store opening. However, if we fail to reach those sales estimates, the price will increase to the amount of the next lower sales number price point and you will be charged an additional amount. Depending on the item, this amount ranges between $5.00 and $10.00. Conversely, if we surpass our estimate and reach the next higher price point the difference will be refunded. In addition to setting the price on this initial order, the number of items sold will also set the prices in our team store for the next two years.

When you log into the team store, with the exception of jerseys, you will note that our apparel is shown as black and gray. Voler is still in the process of setting up the website to show those items using the Bike Hiker design and colors, but be assured that if you order any of those items they will match the new jerseys.

When you open your account, please make note of your password.


Please follow the steps below to place your individual order for inclusion in the overall team order.

  1. Read the following instructions and then click on this link to access your team order site:

  2. Click on “Sign In” to enter your Login/Billing Info. Click on “Create Account” to save the information
     and to create your new User ID and Password. You will automatically be directed to the home page
     for your team order. If you are a returning customer, please use your original Login and Password.

  3. Click on “Begin Shopping" to gain access to the orderable products page. To place items in your
     shopping cart, click on the item you want to order, then the options you want to select,
     then the “Add to cart” button. You can choose to “View Your Bag” or “Continue Shopping”
     after adding each item. Repeat these steps for each item you want to order.

  4. After placing the last item you want to order in your shopping cart, click on “View Your Bag”
     to display the items. Carefully review the items and make any necessary modifications
     or deletions. Because each item is custom built, refunds and exchanges will not be
     accepted. After you have confirmed your order is correct, click on “Proceed to Checkout”
     to complete the secure checkout process by entering your credit card payment information.

  5. After you have completed the secure checkout process, an Order Confirmation will automatically be
     displayed and e-mailed to you for your records.

  6. After the order deadline date has passed, you will no longer be able to access the order site.
     If you have not completed the checkout process for your order by this date, any
     items in your cart will be removed. The Order Deadline and the Order Ship Date
     are displayed on the order homepage. The Ship Date is the date that your order will
     be shipped from Voler.

If you have any questions, please call 800-488-6537 and ask for assistance from a Voler Customer Service Representative, or send them an email at or a Jersey Committee member.

Thank you for your order.

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